We've broken the recruitment process into it's component parts and charge a small fee for each service you require. If you're only interested in generating applications, we provide our approach service from as little as £1200. Using all of our services together still offers considerable cost savings, e.g. if we target 30 prospects and generate 3 applications, our full fee will only be 8% realising a £6000 saving over a traditional agency charging 20% for a £50k hire.

Hiring is the most important thing you do, or it should be.

If you asked managers at large companies 'What is the single most important thing you do at work?' most would reflexively answer 'Go to meetings.' If you persisted - 'No, not the most boring thing you do at work, the most important - they would probably respond by spouting some of the standard principles they learned in business school, something about 'devising smart strategies and creating opportunistic synergies to accumulate accretive financial effects in an increasingly competitive market.' Now imagine asking the same question of the top sports coaches or general managers. They go to meetings all day too, yet they would probably say that the most important thing they do is draft, recruit, or trade for the best players they can. Smart coaches know that no amount of strategy can substitute for talent, and that is as true in business as it is on the field.

Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg,
How Google Works.

our approach services.

advertise & distribute

Advertise your vacancies on our private job board. We can provide an initial screening service if required.

Our profiling system combined with AI will distribute your vacancy only to individuals who have the required skills for your role, improving the quality of applications you receive through web based mediums.

Free when using approach service. A variety of subscription services are available for direct sourcing.

prospect identification

We create a list of around 30 prospects who would be a good fit for your role, essentially carrying out the first stage of an executive search assignment. The prospect list is available to all stakeholders through our portal for review in real time.

3% fee (includes targeting)


We will target the prospect list and introduce your role. Targeting the 30 prospects typically results in between 3 & 5 interested candidates / applciations.

Included in prospecting fee

short list

We can review c.v's and conduct intitial interviews to create a shortlist on your behalf.

1% fee per candidate (Maximium 5%)


Provide feedback to and from candidates after interviews to increase the likelihood of making a successful appointment.

1% fee


We offer negotiation services to assist you getting candidates of interest over the line. It's often helpful to have a third party conduct negotiations as the candidates are likely to be more open about their expectations or any barriers.

1% fee

our approach process

Our process is a flexible framework that breaks the recruitment process down to fit your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of recruitment and software development for hundreds of clients.

Week 1
Week 1

advertise, distribute & prospect identification

We initially advertise and distribute your role to our network of pre-screened professionals / candidates. Our portal uses a combination of AI and human consultancy skills to ensure your vacancies are delivered to the right candidates based on the requirments of the role. By maintaining a database of high quality of candidates and profiling their skills, position, industry, sector, firm type, location, education and qualifications, we can ensure your vacancy is only viewed by relevent professionals, significantly improving the quality of applications your receive.

We develop a prospect list of around 30 relevant individuals for your role. The prospect list will include individuals in equlivalent positions at similar organisations who are likely to be the best possible fit for your vacancy.

3% Fee (includes targeting)
Week 2


Once you have reviewed and approved the prospects identified we make sure they are aware of your opportunity. By targeting 30 prospects we expect to deliver between 3 & 5 quality applications. You can log in to our portal at anytime and see prospect status to be confident that the assignment is on track.

Included in week 1 fee.
Week 3


We will screen all applications and reject or progress candidates through our portal. All candidates will receive communication and can log in to review current status of the vacancy and their application.

We will conduct an initial interview to futher screen the progressed applications and prepare a shortlist.

At this point we organise interviews with your hiring managers.

Fee 1% per candidate to a maximum of 5%. You can optionally manage the process in house if you prefer at no cost.
Week 4
*may not be week 4 depending on your internal processes

interviews & negotiation

We aim to organise your interview process for week 4. Once you have completed your internal process our experienced negotiators can assist to get your preferred candidate over the line. It can be beneficial to use our service as often the candidate(s) will speak more openly about salary expectations and potential barriers with a third party.

Fee is 1% to provide this additional service. Interview feedback is included in the manage fee.

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